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Do's and Don'ts After a DUI

Daniel J. Larin, P.C March 14, 2023

Advice from Our Birmingham DUI Defense Attorney

When you've been pulled over for a suspected DUI charge, it is important that you take care to follow procedure and not make the situation worse. The easiest way to do this is to never get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you've been drinking. However, the firm of Daniel J. Larin, P.C. knows that this is not always the case, and that mistakes happen, or you may feel that you are not drunk or "tipsy."

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What to Do if You Are Pulled Over

It is important that you take care to help yourself and your case if you are pulled over for suspected DUI. Always remember that you have Constitutional rights that are in place to protect you. You are not "automatically guilty" nor are you required to behave as such.

When you see flashing lights, remember to:

  • Slow Down and Pull to The Side of The Road

  • Stay in Your Vehicle and Do Not Try to Hide Anything

  • Be Respectful to The Officer

  • Do Not Self-Incriminate, Remember that You Have the Right to Remain Silent

  • Have Your License and Registration Readily Available

Most importantly, hiring a Birmingham DUI defense attorney can be the difference between lesser or dismissed charges and a harsh conviction and a long license suspension. The most important thing you can do after you have been arrested is contact Daniel J. Larin, P.C. immediately.

What Not to Do

First and foremost, never drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Even if you feel fine, your blood alcohol content (BAC) levels may be higher than the legal limit of .08%. Avoiding getting behind the wheel after drinking can prevent a number of negative consequences and a harsh legal battle before it even starts.

If you have made the mistake of driving while intoxicated, and you are pulled over, it is highly recommended that you comply with officer requests and are polite and respectful at all times. This being said, know that field sobriety tests are voluntary. There is no penalty for refusing these tests; they are often subjective and open to inaccuracies.

Back at the station, you will be asked to take a chemical test. It is important to take the test offered. Your blood alcohol will not go down significantly if you refuse a test and they have to get a warrant. Don't try to "cheat the test". Breathalyzers are sensitive machines and there is no way to trick them. Putting metal in your mouth or under your tongue is simply an urban legend and may make the officer more suspicious of your circumstance. If you do not take the test offered you could lose your license automatically.

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